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Aschl Management Systems
Software for a better environment.

We provide comprehensive systems for record keeping, inventory, inbound and outbound reporting, cost control, business management, sales and marketing and proof of regulatory compliance.
For recycling management, organic materials processing and all types of commercial composting, soil blend and substrate production.


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Track and Trace Materials, Audit Trail

We find ways to make complex processes and information easy and uncomplicated. Track where your feedstocks come from, which finished products and customers they go to, and back from the customers to the feedstocks used.


Quick Information,
Fast Reports

All information in summary or as detailed as needed. Push-button display or comprehensive reports. Access from anywhere, anytime.


Extensive Reporting

  • Feedstock costs, equipment costs, labor hours
  • Inventory and values, inbound loads received, customer shipments
  • Orders on hand, quotes issued
  • Batches in progress, production achieved and expected
  • Regulations met, compliance achieved


Easy Data Collection

Record all feedstock, finished product, activities and measurements. Automatically import data from computerized scales and other equipment, tablets or cell phones.

Integrated Database

All information maintained in one common database, jointly accessed and updated by all authorized users in head office and outlying facilities. No more unwieldy data conglomerates and humongous spreadsheet combinations.


Quality Assurance

Document measurement values, other data and processing activities in easy to read graphical form.

Effective Inventory, Invoice Data Preparation

Closely supervises feedstock inventory, finished product, product blends, for each site and the overall company. Helps to handle customer orders swiftly, dispatch product shipments, prepare data for invoicing and receivables.


User-friendly, Intuitive Operation

  • Help texts in every program, extensive and detailed user manual
  • User-individual menus and program permissions, operate on networks or single PC
  • Export/import all data from to/other business systems, accounts receivables, automatic scales, etc.


Protecting Environment and Climate

The system is geared to ensure sensible organics management, to be instrumental in ecologically sound recycling of organic waste and was developed to benefit environmental and climate at the same time.