Information Technology for Better Business


Our customers are always on the lookout for the most sustainable solutions. We help them to solve some of their biggest challenges, reducing the total cost of ownership of running and future systems, directly contributing to companies' growth and succes in management and IT.

Our goal is to achieve solutions to your challenges quickly and effectively. We work closely with your technical staff from assessment of your needs to implementing solutions to make sure that you gain exceptional value through our services.


Environmental Systems

Profitability starts with you getting paid properly and on time. It goes all the way to managing sales and market evaluation for your business.

Our software systems for organics recycling and composting do exactly that. What began as a tool to help with regulatory compliance and help make optimum processing batches today serves all forms of organics recycling and disposal operations as well as industrial and governmental organizations.

The available functions take care of your:

  • Resource planning and management 
  • Materials flow documentation 
  • Activity scheduling 
  • Quality assurance, compliance and audit trail 
  • Document management 
  • Sales and CRM
  • Analysis and management

 Consulting Services

As management consultants, we specialize in finding optimum solutions to a broad variety of IT related challenges.

Search, analysis, selection and examination of business and technical information systems for our customers is just one area where we excel.

We also regularly provide troubleshooting and development services for organizational and management related IT issues.


Optimization of z/OS and Other Large Systems

We provide consulting and innovative tools for:

  • Systems analysis 
  • Legacy management tools 
  • SQL and DB2 tuning 
  • Advanced caching tools for static and dynamic data

 Court Expert Witnesses and Expertise

We regularly provide expertise for court cases with a focus on IT-Technology and IT-Management. Our extensive local and international experience and analytical approach is an appreciated asset especially in complex cases with involvement of international parties.



Green Software: Recycling Management, Compost Plant Management, Mushroom Production, Organics Processing

Increase the profitability of your business with user-friendly, hands-on systems that guarantee quality documentation and tracking of your core business information.



Plug and Save! Featured Tool: QuickSelect

QuickSelect efficiently accelerates data access and reduces infrastructure costs in IBM zSystems environments.